Gateway Home Mission Statement:

Gateway Home is established to give “comfort care” to people who are medically determined to be in their last stages of life (three months or less.)
Our organization will provide both medical and spiritual care to support the residents as they pass from this life to the next.
Gateway Home staff and volunteers are committed to provide dignified care, comfort, and support for our residents and their families.
Gateway Home is a nonprofit organization, and does not charge for services provided. Funding is accomplished through donations, bequests, and community support. Admission is based solely on need.

Gateway Home would like to give special thanks to Spallina Materials and MMH for their generous donation of the paving materials, equipment and manpower used to complete our driveway and parking lot. Without the continued support of businesses like these in our community, we could not afford to keep our home in the wonderful condition it is in.

Support like this is even more important during these unprecedented times when we have lost many of the fundraisers, we rely so heavily on to help keep our home operating. Words cannot express the gratitude we have for magnanimous gestures like this.     

Below are a few photos of our newly remodeled spaces