A New Patio and Pergola

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Another wonderful project for the Gateway Home done and ready for the resident families to enjoy spending time with loved ones on the decorative concrete pad and underneath the new fancy pergola. Once again, it was a project that just simply couldn’t have gotten done without the help of the community stepping up and volunteering.

The hands-on portion of this project started Memorial Day weekend as Doug Domes, Todd Gadd, Greg Scholand and I began digging and prepping the area for concrete. Once the dirt and stone settled through time, the next step was to form and pour the concrete pad. That’s when we needed the expertise of masons. Dave Reding and brothers, Guy and Dustin Westermeier graciously volunteered and stepped in to pour the decorative concrete pad. The team nailed it by doing an absolutely amazing job that shows in the pictures, yet only gives justice when you see it in person.

Last week was the final step to the project. With the help and carpentry skills of Roger Blair, Bill Hulme and Bob Rebmann, the pergola was finally erected. This just brought everything all together in a way that exceeded our expectations since planning the project many months ago.

This project was yet another eye opener. Each volunteer did this not for the pat on the back or praise, but for their community and in some cases, in memory of loved ones of their own. It was truly an honor working with all of them to see this project through.

I’d like to personally thank everyone who helped make this community project possible from start to finish. I know the folks at the Gateway Home are extremely pleased with the outcome and the families who will use it, I’m sure will appreciate what you’ve all done to provide this to them.

If any of you are looking to volunteer at the Gateway Home in any capacity, please feel free to reach out to see what you can do to help.

“It takes a village”

Mayor Nathan Montford